Do you have over-sized, unconventional freight you need shipped? Over dimensional freight exceeds typical cargo parameters and that’s where our flatbed freight trucking company and step deck shipping comes in to play. Flatbed and step deck trailers are open on all sides with no roof. While this type of freight shipping cannot protect your freight from the elements it does allow for you to ship unusual sizes and shapes of cargo such as construction equipment and rigs, machinery, and bulky cargo. Flatbed and step deck trailers are versatile in the cargo they can haul but it is extremely important to have accurate dimensions when choosing your trailer.

Whether the bulk of your shipments use flatbeds or step decks, or you only need a few each year, our flatbed freight trucking company can help secure the equipment needed at the time needed for all your step deck shipping needs.

Looking for more Over the Road shipping services, we also offer LTL, Dry vans and more.


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